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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tick Tock

I grow old. I see it I feel it. I am somewhat concerned with it. In the past three years I went from being a young man to being middle aged. I like a lot of what has happened. I tell you, I know how to get shit done. Some balls drop, but for the most part I get tons done. The pleasure of accomplishment has displaced the anxiety of insecurity. But time is passing. This commentary - Culture That Makes You Feel Old - got me thinking:
Me, I check my age every morning when I look at Wikipedia’s This Day in History (I do this because I teach social studies and I want the kids to see how history is a series of connections and consequences.) The part I notice in the long list of birthdays is the number of people older than me but still alive who have accomplished something significant like writing a book or doing public service worthy of note. Then I look at how many people worthy of a notation on the “Born on this day” list are younger than me are and there because they are celebrities.
I have discovered that I am on the tipping point. More frequently I see the names of people I admire, born after April 27, 1964.